Pandora Box

They say it will never heal

A blessing

Or a curse?


Dear 2017

Dear 2017, thank you for being such a wonderful year! Through you I learnt how to handle grief, how to lean my hope on God only. I learnt that my attention span is quite short, that leadership needs to be cultivated since childhood otherwise one’s life will be difficult, that people is not 100% honest, even to theirselves.

Thank you for the roller coaster. It’s still unbelievable that a graduation, losing mom, getting the first job in other island, finding best mindmate and losing him, handling a growing ministry, resignation from the first job, moving to the second, getting healed from old wounds, realizing an Eden, all happen in a year. Continue reading

Altar alters

“Mel selevel kamu harusnya bisa dapet kerjaan yang lebih sih”

“Ga kepikiran buat pindah dari Makassar?”


I know, guys. Been thinking about this a whole week, and praise God He gives me more than I needed.

Hey, sori kalo lompat. Mungkin banyak yang belum tau kalo saya resign dari kerjaan lama. Kenapa resign? Well there’ll be another post to explain. Dan resmi diri ini jadi pengangguran, yang tak lepas dari kegalauan. Eaa. Saya melewati kok masa-masa “apakah aku cuma bisa belajar aja di sekolah dan ga cocok kerja”, “kenapa aku udah effort banyak dan tetap ga bisa perform”, “salah ga sih aku resign”, “kerjaan mana lagi di Makassar yang seenak kerjaan kemarin”, “sekarang kamu mau ngapain coba Mel”, dsb dsb. Pikiran-pikiran jelek yang mengusik gambar diri terus menggantung di atas kepala. Continue reading

9 Kenangan Manis di Bawah Langit Makassar

Post ini harusnya udah published 2 taun lalu, pls forgive my procrastination guys. Mood is a very good friend but the worst enemy, huft. And now after all mess and furious in this life (sok-sokan banget berasa hidup udah paling susah sedunia wkwkwk), finally I could sit in a beatiful coffee shop, put my self together, and start writing.  This is the second part of my KP story, if you want to read the first, click this link: Makassar, Here I Come!. Welcome aboard.

1. Melihat Langit.
Seriously, Mel. What is the sweet part of just “Melihat Langit?” you may ask. Well, I’m serious. Langit Makassar tuh yah, kayak kanvas yang dilukis sendiri sama Tuhan. Bagus, cantik, dan beda-beda tiap hari. Take a peek here. Continue reading